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What is a Charitable or Fund Raising Race Night?

One of the best ways of having fun and raising funds the basic principal of a Fund Raising Race Night is simple:

We supply all of the equipment and the staff including the MC and the Tote Sellers.

Race nights" are events in which participants stake money on the outcome of recorded or virtual races, where the selection is totally dependent on chance, and where no "odds" or "form" are available to assist the selection.

We generally bring 8 prerecorded races and all of the equipment and tote tickets (betting slips) with us.

Our MC will invite your guests to bet on the outcome of the races and to make sure that everything is fair we bring a selection of (unlabelled) flat and jump races with us, once the bets have been placed and the tote closed we invite a volunteer from the audience to choose a race at random.

We load the chosen race into the player and show the race, there is a comprehensive commentary and positions display on screen which refers only to the horse numbers.

So, how does the Tote work?

Lest assume that you have 100 people at your event and they all bet £1 each, that puts £100 in the 'pot', our Tote Clerk will deduct a percentage of the 'pot'  for your cause, (you can choose the percentage to deduct) on this occasion we will assume a 50% deduction so £50 goes to your cause and £50 remains in the 'prize pot'.

We know from our ticket sales recording system how many tickets have been sold for each horse and we know that we have £50 in the pot, assuming 5 tickets have been sold for the winning horse we know (and our MC will announce) that winning Tote tickets are worth £5 each and then invite the holders of the winning tickets to come and collect their winnings.

Our Tote sellers maintain comprehensive, clear and easy to follow accounts of all of the money taken/paid out and retained, they will hand those accounts to you at the end of the evening and they will be happy to discuss any element of those accounts with you before we leave the venue.

This is a proven, approved and risk free method of raising funds, the Race Night organiser cannot lose, funds will be raised every time using this scheme.

We are proud of our Cards on the Table approach to Race Nights

As a general principle, "Race Nights" may only take place at events where none of the proceeds from the event itself are used for private gain, and all participants must be told what "good cause" is to benefit from the profits from the gaming. No licence, permit or other form of permission is required to operate this kind of gaming provided that the statutory conditions are complied with.

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